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Life coaching+...... for your relationship, your career or your business

For your marriage or relationship


Resolve issues in your relationship. Immediate help 0911 612 6650 (£1.53 p.min. from landlines - pay by the minute)

Identify reasons for issues within your marriage or relationship

Deal with difficult times within your marriage or relationship

Learn your true feelings for your partner

Bring clarity and perspective to your unique marriage or relationship situation

For your career

Learn to cope with a demanding boss

Get your career back on the right track

Prepare for big events such as a meeting, presentation, or an interview

Adjust to a new role

Cope with a stressful workload

Difficulties with colleagues

For your business

Improve communication and cooperation between your employees

Help stressed employees to be more productive and happier

Improve your recruitment process

Resolve issues between employees - saving money on HR processes

Improve the productivity of your workforce


From Brian Snellgrove:

Two key questions for you.....:

Do you feel you are falling short of your potential in the workplace or at home?

Do you miss the experience of being listened to?

If you can answer 'yes' to the above then we may can help. Call me on 01761 415473 for an informal chat and see Testimonials link below.

From Francoise Sauze:

Most solutions are simpler than we think. They are staring us in the face but we cannot perceive them because we are often too close. 

Brian and I are experienced practitioners with a wide range of skills ...with special emphasis on coaching and as seperate skills, intuitive healing of the energy field.



  • I enjoyed our session last week and the ability to speak freely on so many topics. I have always admired your directness and honesty as you know, and I appreciate the groundness of your approach to healing ...

    Rupert, PR Director

  • Without your assistance we would have wasted more time on interviews ... the candidate selected with your help has fitted in very well

    Dean, IT Specialist

  • Cheers Brian, wonderful stuff. Thank you for your clarity and simplicity. Your insight and articulation are a wonderful talent

    Kris, London

  • ..thanking you for the amazing reading you gave me. I am really glad I made a point of coming to visit you. You gave me so much insight into myself ... everything is dropping in to place.

    JB, UK

  • Thank you ever so much completely confirmed what I just recently sensed after my initial feelings and confusion. Part of me just didn't want to see the truth therein without some affirmation from you.

    SV Helsinki

  • Thank you for notes from the meeting. I am getting used to not having all the chatter in my head, and am feeling a different kind of calm! It feels very good. I look forward to seeing you again.

    LB, Bergen

  • Thank you for your clear advice. I now know what I must do, so the exercise has been very helpful.

    VM psychotherapist, London

  • Thank you! I can say that you've hit these people right on the head (so to speak).... Including me!

    GH, Seattle